LC Stripper Plate

*Always consult your Heat Treater*
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LCSP is low-carbon steel, having higher manganese content than mild steel and certain other low-carbon steels. Being richer in manganese, LCSP is a better steel for carburized parts, since it produces a harder and more uniform case. It also has higher mechanical properties and better machining properties, including Brinell hardness, and better machining characteristics. In its production, special manufacturing controls are used for chemical composition, heating, rolling, surface preparations, etc. The result is a quality product suitable for applications involving forging, heat treating, cold drawing, machining, etc.

Since LCSP is a good carburizing steel, it is especially suitable for parts requiring high surface hardness with a relatively soft core, such as gears, pinions, worms, king pins, chain pins, ratchets, dogs, oil tool slips and liners. LCSP is also often specified for studs, anchor pins, special bolts, tie rods, etc.  It is a hot-rolled-A-36-ground top to bottom +/- .003 – edges ground +.005-.000 up to 12″ wide.  

Hardening happens between 1650 – 1700°F. 

LCSP is an on-sized and ground finished material.


 +/- .003

 Hardening Temp.:    1650 through 1700°F

 Forging Temp:    2150 through 2250°F

 Anneal Temp.:    1550 through 1650°F

 LCSP Material In Stock

 Color Code:     BLACK 

 Flat Dimensions

  • ¼” x 2″ up to 2″ x 20″

  • Non-standard sizes, quoted upon request

 LCSP Typical Analysis







.04 max

.05 max

 · Slight variations from typical analysis shown may occur in order to  maintain the desired graphitizing potential.