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A-8, available upon request, is a versatile, air-hardening tool and die steel. It combines good wearing qualities with excellent toughness characteristics. It is well suited for many metals working dies and punches, which operate in the hardness of Rockwell C 55-60. The intermediate carbon and alloy content of A-8 gives it an optimum balance of toughness and wear resistance, makes it particularly adaptable for those applications which are too severe for high carbon-high chromium steels and too abrasive for conventional shock resisting steels.

In the hot work field, A-8 is used with outstanding success whenever erosion, wash, and wear of the lower carbon hot work steels is the primary problem. Because of its higher carbon content, A-8 should NOT BE used where heat checking or breakage is the primary cause of failure. Hot work tools of A-8 may be water-cooled in use if desired.

A-8 should be preheated at 1300 – 1400º F, then transferred to a furnace at 1825 – 1850º F soaked at this temperature for 30 minutes for sections 1 inch and thinner, then air cooled. Sections over 1 inch in thickness should be soaked for an additional 10 – 15 minutes per inch and then air-cooled. A-8 normally is air cooled from the hardening temperature, although for some applications it may be oil quenched. When the pieces have cooled to room temperature, temper immediately.

Temper A-8 immediately after quenching to room temperature. Allow to heat slowly to the desired tempering temperature and hold for a period of 1 to 6 hours, depending upon the size. Remove from the furnace and allow to cool in the still air. For most cold work applications, tempering should be carried out in the range of 300 – 600º F or higher. Double tempering is recommended for best results with temperature above 600º F

A-8 is an oversized material, available upon request.


  •  Up to 1″ + .007 up to .018

  •  1″ up to 6″ + .015 up to .040

  •  6″ and up + .0625 up to .250

 Hardening Temp:     1800ºF through 1850ºF

 Quench Medium: Air Salt Bath

 Tempering Range:    300ºF through 1100ºF

 Typical Level:    49 to 61 R/C

 Preheat Forging:    1450ºF through 1550ºF

 Forging Temp:    2100ºF through 2200ºF

 Anneal Temp:    1600ºF

 Anneal Cooling Method:  Furnace-cool to 1000ºF at 100ºF per hr., then  air cool.

 Anneal Hardness:    241 BHN

 A-8 Material in Stock

 Color Code:   YELLOW and BLACK

 Round Dimensions:

  • ¾” up to 2 ½”

  • Non-standard sizes, quoted upon request

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