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A-6 is a medium alloy; air-hardening tool and die steel with non-deforming properties making the grade an ideal choice for many die and mold applications. Deep hardening results are possible with A-6 using relatively low heat-treating temperatures that are characteristic of oil hardening steel. A-6 also has an optimum combination of alloying elements providing a desirable balance of toughness, strength and wear resistance.

A-6 should be heated to 1525 – 1600°F and held at temperature until the tool is thoroughly heated. Then remove it from the furnace and cool in air to approximately 125 – 150°F before tempering. Preheating at 1200 – 1250°F is recommended for large or intricate tools. To minimize scaling or decarburization, A-6 should be hardened in an atmosphere furnace, vacuum or a properly rectified salt bath.

To anneal A-6, pack in sealed container with neutral packing compound or place in a vacuum furnace to prevent excessive scaling or decarburization. Heat slowly to 1350 – 1375°F, furnace cool at a maximum rate of 20°F per hour to 980°F or under and then air-cool to room temperature. Proper annealing should result in a hardness of Brinell 235 maximum.

For most applications, heat A-6 to 350°F for tempering. Hold the tool at temperature for at least 1 hour per inch of thickness followed by air-cooling.

Hardening happens between 1525 – 1600°F. Then removed from the furnace and cool in air to approximately 125°F – 150°F before tempering.

A-6 is an oversized material.


  •  + .015 up to .040 on thickness

  •  + .080 up to .125 on width


  •  Up to 1″ + .007 up to .0181

  •  1″ up to 6″ + .015 up to .0406

  •  6″ and  up + .0625 up to .250

 Hardening Temp:    1525°F through 1600°F

 Quench Medium:    Air Salt Bath

 Tempering Range:    300°F through 800°F

 Typical Hardness Level: 54 to 60 R/C

 Preheat Forging:    1450°F through 1500°F

 Forging Temp:    2000°F through 2100°F

 Anneal Temp:    1600°F

 Anneal Cooling Method:  Furnace cool to 25°F per hr. to  1000°F.  Then air cool or furnace cool.

 Anneal Hardness: 248 BHN

 A-6 Material in Stock

 Color code:     ORANGE

 Flat Dimensions:

  • ½” x 5/8″ up to 5″ x 5″

  • Non-standard sizes, quoted upon request

 Round Dimensions:

  • 3/8″ up to 12″

  • Non-standard sizes, quoted upon request

 A-6 Typical Analysis:











 · Slight variations from typical analysis shown may occur in order  to  maintain the desired graphitizing potential.